Seems The Immigrants Are At It Again…

Over the past few weeks, the Daily Mail has been kicking up a real fuss about a recent increase in the UK population, fuelled in part by immigrants. The front page, letters page and editorials have covered little else and woe betide anyone who disagrees with the party line.

For every claim that it’s a massive drain on the country’s dwindling resources and only benefits relatively few, there’s the counterclaim that, apart from one or two bad eggs, there is a positive contribution to the whole economy; not to mention the fact that most are at least second or third generation British anyway. True, some may live in central London properties while most of us are forced to commute, and others use the NHS a disproportionate number of times, but most have been making a genuine attempt to integrate into society in recent times.

And besides, it’ll be nice to have another King George one day.

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